Monday, September 14, 2009

R is for Ruffles!

Ruffles! What's better than one ruffle?

Rows of ruffles, of course. These ruffled rhumba pants are raring to go when it comes to the ruffles. From the front, they look like basic ruffled pants. But when she turns around, there's a surprise of ruffles galore.

Done in denim, these pants feature an elastic waistband, double-sided rows of ruffles across the back, and top-stitching where appropriate.

Originally a custom request, I love these so much that they're going to be offered in the Etsy shop very soon.

Can't you just see these paired with a cute pillowcase top for a fun, casual look? Add a little sweater and a big bow in her hair for a more dressy, ready to hit the town appeal.

You'll find these, as well as more ruffles at

Choose your colors

Here's another example of the custom detailing provided by Teeny Tiny Fashions. Modeled after the original Maggie dress, this empire waisted dresss is constructed of Polyester Shantung and features ruffles around the neck and sleeves. This particular dress was a custom order for a flower girl and is sized for 2T but can be made in sizes 12 months up to size 5 years. Sizes 6 through 8 years are also available for an additional charge to accomodate the extra material.

Shown here in chocolate brown and light pink, the color possibilities are endless as you outfit little girls in coordinating hues or create matching sister sets. What really sets this dress apart from the rest is the bow sash. The oversized bow on this sash is fashioned in such a way as to maximize it's "bow potential" ~ no droopy bows here! Just imagine how pretty the flower girl will be going down the aisle.

Interested in having your own custom creation? Find this dress and more at

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Getting ready for Fall

Down here on the Gulf Coast, Labor Day weekend signals the "official" end to summer and welcomes in the off season. The tourists start packing up, many of the local seasonal businesses close shop until next summer, and slowly the snow birds will start trickling in. It's still pretty warm outside but the first hints of fall are in the air. School has started back, the stores are stocking up on holiday merchandise, and everyone's glued to the tube for college football.

Teeny Tiny Fashions is gearing up for fall as well by adding a few new designs, just perfect for cooler weather and the holiday seasons.
With October fast approaching, that means Halloween will soon be here. These ruffled pants will be all the rage at pre-school. Done in a playful candy corn print on easy care cotton fabric, the elastic waistband means independant little ones can dress themselves. Paired with a simple tee or a cute peasant top from my Etsy store, she'll be sure to turn heads.

Gobble, gobble! What says Thanksgiving? Turkeys, of course! The happy turkeys on these pants may not know that they're going to be the main course for Thanksgiving dinner but your little one will be what everyone is talking about when she wears these cute ruffled pants. Again in easy care cotton with an elastic waistband and featuring colorful turkeys, these pants are cute, cute, cute!

Finally, when the cold starts creeping in, corduroy is just what you need. Shown here in grey, ruffled cords go from casual with a simple tee to more dressy when paired with a sweater and flats. In addition to grey, these are available in navy and chocolate brown.
Find these and more, available at

Custom Orders

When people find out that I make children's boutique style clothing, I almost always get asked "do you have pictures?" I do have my business cards which have 3 very small pictures with 3 very small examples of my work and then of course, there's my Etsy shop. However, that's only a very "teeny tiny" sampling of Teeny Tiny Fashions.

Much of Teeny Tiny Fashions exists outside of my Etsy listings in the form of custom work. Customers usually find me through Etsy or by word of mouth. We collaborate to create a custom look and they either send me their own fabric or find fabric through an Etsy seller and I then obtain the fabric directly from the seller. We use existing patterns that I already have by mixing and matching fabrics or find new patterns to use.

This works great for people who may have great design skills but don't know how to sew or for those that know how but just don't have the time. For me, it keeps the creative juices flowing because I'm constantly exposed to new fabric, patterns, designs and the like so it never gets boring! My custom orders are by far some of my best and those of which I'm the proudest!

Take a look for yourself ~ these are just a few examples of custom orders that customers have designed and I've sewn for them. This brightly colored peasant style dress has a ruffled neckline, ruffled short sleeves, and coordinating waist band.

Kim of Trucks and Tutus Boutique was kind enough to let me showcase some of the cute fashions that she's designed, such as the peasant dress above. Not to mention her adorable little girl, modeling double ruffled pants here and a knot top and ruffled pants set above. You can find awesome applique and monogramming at Kim's website

"Sew" the next time you're browsing through Etsy or the internet and see a really cute dress but aren't crazy about the fabric or maybe you'd rather have long sleeves instead of short, keep Teeny Tiny Fashions in mind.

If you're in need of a custom order of your own, contact me through my Etsy shop at

Teeny Tiny Fashions- Tell me more!

The name of my shop, "Teeny Tiny Fashions," came about after much soul searching and scratching of heads. Here's the scoop for those of you who are interested in this kind of stuff: When I was a little girl, I was fortunate to have grandparents who were able to take a very active role in caring for me and influenced my upbringing tremendously. I spent many a night sleeping over at my grandparents' home and one of the things that my grandmother and I did every night was have a bedtime story before I fell asleep. At some point along the way, she read "The Teeny Tiny Woman" to me and I was HOOKED! I fell in love with that story and wanted to hear it every night. I must have made her read that story repeatedly for years (and bless her, she did!) What always stuck with me about that story, regardless of which of the various versions you hear, is that the Teeny Tiny Woman was so afraid of the teeny tiny voice that she never wanted to come out of the covers to confront what was frightening her. I often thought up different endings to that story - if she'd come out of bed and opened the cupboard, maybe she'd have found a mouse who wanted his bone back? Or a neighbor playing a trick? Or maybe it really was a ghost? But instead, she stayed tucked in bed, covers over her head hoping the voice would go away. I think there's a valuable lesson to be learned by that story - if you're too afraid to face what "might" be, you're going to miss out on what "could be." Thus, "Teeny Tiny Fashions" - my attempt to poke my head out from under the covers and open the cupboard to see if there's a possibility that my dream of having a successful home business can come true so that someday, hopefully I can be a stay at home mom.